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What Moon is Best to Plant an Elderberry?

Michael Gonzales
December 25, 2023

Your new elderberry should produce delicate white flowers in its first year, then produce vibrant burgundy berries in its second. Once established, harvest these in its second year for maximum harvest potential!

Dig a hole two to three feet deep and mix in high-grade compost or well-rotted manure before submerging bare-root or potted nursery stock in water for at least 12 hours prior to planting.

Moon in Cancer

When the Moon is in Cancer, matters of the heart and home are at the forefront. Now is an excellent time to nurture relationships within your household while taking pleasure from simple pleasures like cooking and dining at home with those closest to you.

People born with their Moon in Cancer possess an intuitive understanding of emotional states in those around them, which can be both an asset and liability; it may cause them to focus too heavily on meeting the needs of others without realizing they may be neglecting themselves in favor of taking care of others’ needs.

Moon in Cancer natives often experience complex feelings that they find hard to explain, which may leave others confused. This could be caused by them taking on other’s emotions unknowingly; thus it’s essential for these folks to learn to distinguish between their own feelings and those of others.

These people tend to be close, with strong feelings of familial attachments. If their security is threatened, however, they can become quite protective; therefore it’s wise to approach them carefully rather than trying to break through their hard exteriors.

Elderberries should be planted during spring, when propagated from cuttings. To take cuttings, find branches with at least four buds and cut into segments approximately 12″ long. Soak their bottoms for 24 hours in water before pushing into soil with regular irrigation until rooted. Be wary of soil testing for nematodes as this can spread diseases that lower yields or even lead to complete devastation of the plant.

Moon in Leo

People born under the sign of Leo tend to take on qualities similar to that of a mother lioness protecting her cubs: generous, fun-loving and inherently confident. They enjoy living an exciting and inspiring life but become easily bored or impatient quickly; boredom truly disturbs them; they take an authoritative approach to life, leading others toward what brings them happiness.

Like their fellow fire signs, Leo people tend to overreact and create drama, though this usually ends up for the best. Their devotion and generosity towards family and friends are unwavering; yet just like any fixed sign they can sometimes harbor grudges against those who have treated them poorly and act out accordingly.

A new moon is an ideal time for planting any type of crop, as moisture levels are at their peak and increased moonlight promotes healthy leaf and root development. However, peppers, tomatoes, beans or squash with seeds on their fruit should be planted at another time of year due to potential seeds emerging on their skins.

Elderberry plants are majestic plants that thrive in most regions and climates of the United States, blooming each spring with large sprays of delicate white flowers and producing succulent berries that turn dark purple when fully ripe. Elderberries make an attractive hedge, decorative shrub, windbreak or shade tree and attract wild birds, insects and wildlife; additionally they’ve long been utilized as medicinal remedies against colds and flu symptoms – plus many medicinal compounds have been extracted from its bark to treat colds and flu symptoms!

Moon in Virgo

With your Moon in Virgo, you are an analytical individual who enjoys deciphering life’s intricate puzzle. Practical, health-conscious and skeptical are hallmarks of your personality; yet behind-the-scenes you may enjoy nurturing others by running errands for them or performing small tasks for friends; being associated with Mercury helps too as this sign has an affinity for cleanliness, good health and routine; when it comes to relationships you relish intellectual kink that’s possible with Gemini or Libra sign and often demonstrate your feelings through actions rather than words!

People with their Moon in Virgo tend to be analytical and detail-oriented, finding emotional security in orderly environments and routines. Additionally, they have an inherent gift for helping others and are typically delighted to assist friends facing challenges with practical solutions; however intuitive astrologer Lumi Pelinku of mindbodygreen suggests this Moon placement can become bogged down with unnecessary minutiae, missing the bigger picture in its entirety.

As the new moon cycle in Virgo falls in your second house of personal resources, now is an opportune time to take an inventory of what you own in order to be more intentional with money and possessions. Your planetary ruler Mars transiting Libra and questioning issues related to self and others creates the perfect opportunity to engage in some introspection – and let spiritual brooding develop so you can offer unique gifts to the world! As you become more grounded and secure within yourself, your inner sage will emerge ready to spread its wings and find its place among us all!

Moon in Libra

Ruled by Venus, Libra is all about relationships and maintaining peace and harmony in relationships. The Moon sign represents this focus by its symbol: The Scales of Justice – reflecting a desire to mediate conflict and make things fair for everyone involved. People born under Libra like to communicate and build balanced rapport with those around them; especially romantic partners. People born with their Moon in Libra typically possess charmed personalities that make them charming people-pleasers with an attractive public persona; however if their socializing becomes excessive their inner world can quickly become chaotic – especially romantic partners!

Individuals born under a Libra moon sign tend to appreciate environments which are balanced and orderly, possessing excellent visual skills that enable them to make natural designers. Libra moon signs also possess elegance and an eye for style – qualities which often land them employment within luxury fashion or beauty industries.

Moon in Libra people prefer careers that require communication and diplomacy with others, such as law or counseling; as well as those that focus on beauty, culture, or justice. They excel in roles where clients face them directly like law and counseling do – an advantage when searching for employment!

Individuals with their moon in Libra tend to get along best with fellow air signs like Gemini and Aquarius when selecting romantic partners, as these individuals will understand their need for harmony while offering emotional reassurance. If they’re partnered with a fire sign instead, however, jealousy could arise; to remain peaceful they must learn how to set limits appropriately.

Moon in Scorpio

When the moon is in Scorpio, its presence brings with it an energy of emotional intensity. Scorpios are master detectives when it comes to deciphering what’s really going on underneath someone’s surface; often secretive yet charming at the same time; as Imani Quinn of mindbodygreen explains: they know their way through complicated emotions and situations as they are familiar with shadowlands of our psyches.

Moon in Scorpio individuals tend to be deeply committed partners, yet their strong desire for self-realization can often lead them down an unpredictable path that includes jealousy, possessiveness and holding grudges. Therefore it’s crucial for Moon in Scorpio individuals to examine how they manage their feelings and develop strategies to regulate emotions in healthy ways.

Pluto-ruled Scorpio Moon natives possess the unique ability to quickly see through any facade and to understand situations from all sides. As such, Moon in Scorpio natives tend to be resourceful individuals capable of finding solutions to complex problems; hence why many become entrepreneurs or pursue careers that involve extensive investigation.

They excel at picking up on what others miss and picking up on subtleties others miss, while being highly self-organized and having control of their lives.

Usually, Scorpios find compatibility with those who possess water or earth moon signs like Cancer, Pisces, Taurus or Virgo; though this may vary. It’s essential for those with the Moon in Scorpio to find healthy ways of managing their intense emotions such as meditation, exercise and journal writing to cope with intense feelings.


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