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Best Elderberry Syrup With Alcohol

Michael Gonzales
December 19, 2023

best elderberry syrup with alcohol

RD Naturals’ elderberry syrup offers high concentrations of elderberry extract and other immune-supportive herbs, making it the ideal product to combat fatigue, colds, flus, allergies and more. Available as both gummies and liquid drops.

Ingredients include gentle adaptogens eleuthero and astragalus, ginger and cinnamon that have been shown to effectively relieve symptoms associated with colds and flu while strengthening immunity.

RD Naturals

This best elderberry syrup with alcohol is an exceptional immune-boosting remedy, created using organic European black elderberries that boast antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties. Plus it features delicious herbs and spices that provide flavor without artificial additives or preservatives! Taken daily this immune booster can prevent colds and flu. Available at natural food stores locally as well as online.

This thick syrup is prepared using dried elderberries (Sambucus nigra) mixed with spices and simmered to extract all their nutritional value before filtering to remove seeds and fruit, then mixed with honey for the perfect thick syrup! Perfect for the entire family.

AnthoImmune Elderberry Syrup is an ideal alternative to traditional cough medicines, and can easily be added to food or beverages for quick relief. Plus, its delicious taste makes it great additions. Produced by a mother and son team from Maine and tested by independent laboratories, its most popular product being AnthoImmune Elderberry Syrup.

Making homemade elderberry syrup at home is more cost-effective than purchasing it in stores, provided organic ingredients are used and your chosen brand lists them on its website. A reliable company should also be transparent regarding any testing their products undergo.

Elderberry syrup and tincture can both make great additions to any household’s pantry and fridge, though tincture will likely be more potency and last longer in your refrigerator. To reduce sugar in elderberry syrup, try substituting maple syrup or nutrient-rich molasses as sweeteners instead; or try creating an adult-focused extract by mixing equal parts food-grade alcohol and syrup together.

This syrup is composed of high quality elderberries and is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Studies have proven its ability to ease cold and flu symptoms and boost immunity; making it a suitable supplement choice for seasonal allergies sufferers as it can also provide relief.


NutraChamps elderberry drops are an easy and efficient way to harness the benefits of this potent plant. Their fast-acting immunity booster can quickly counter cold and flu symptoms while providing antioxidant support against free radicals – one of the primary contributors to premature aging and disease. Available online and delivered in an easy dropper bottle for easy administration, they make for an ideal product!

Elderberry syrup has been shown to help prevent and alleviate colds, flus, allergies and coughs naturally, while acting as both an effective cough suppressant and an antihistamine. Elderberries contain flavonoids and phenols which have been known to strengthen immunity; studies conducted have revealed that elderberry extract taken within 48 hours can shorten cold and flu symptoms by as much as four days when taken within this window of time.

This homemade elderberry syrup recipe utilizes fresh and dried ingredients for an effective immune-boosting herbal remedy that’s both delicious and healthy – ideal for kids to make! Honey can be swapped out for maple syrup or molasses to increase its healthfulness further. Perfect for winter cold and flu season, but also versatile enough to use in various recipes!

To create homemade syrup, combine dry elderberries with water and bring to a boil, simmering covered for 20 minutes until approximately half of the liquid has been reduced by volume. After that time is up, remove from heat and allow it to cool before refrigerating it further.

Sift the mixture through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth before pouring the liquid into a glass container and mixing in raw honey. Keep refrigerated for up to three months for best results.

Homemade elderberry syrup will have a slightly runnier consistency than store-bought versions due to less sugar being present, yet still be an extremely useful and versatile addition to your pantry and drinks alike. Use it as an iced tea base, mix into cocktails or drizzle it on pancakes; even better is that its preparation requires no effort whatsoever – you can whip up batches anytime!

Zarbee’s Naturals

Homemade wellness-centric syrup can be an ideal way to avoid colds, flu and bronchitis. Not only is it simple and tasty to make but its high concentration of vitamins C & A will provide additional immune-enhancing nutrients – you may be able to find some local health food stores or online.

Elderberry syrup should be prepared from fresh or dried berries and herbs that are completely organic and non-GMO, for optimal results. You can use elderberry syrup in many different ways – adding it to tea, or eating spoonfuls directly off a spoon – from adding it as part of herbal tinctures, all the way through adding additional ingredients for additional effects. Below is a basic version of elderberry syrup; any modifications with additional ingredients can easily be implemented into it.

Add star anise for an subtle licorice taste or cloves – both great immune boosters. Some recipes even call for cinnamon sticks which have anti-inflammatory properties; orange peel can add delicate citrus notes.

Add alcohol to the syrup as another way of increasing its shelf life and providing antiviral benefits. Most recipes call for half a cup of liquor such as vodka or brandy; you may even find other varieties such as sherry or rum.

While making syrup without alcohol will extend its shelf-life and make spoilage less likely, experimenting with various variations might help find what works for you best.

Elderberries can be harvested in the fall and purchased either through foraging, natural food stores, farmer’s markets or pre-made elderberry syrup poured into glass jars and stored in your fridge, or frozen up to six months prior to taking as medicine when sick. It’s best to take one teaspoon every four hours.


No matter your experience level with herbal remedies, finding the appropriate product is key for immune support. An elderberry syrup with alcohol provides many of the same advantages of tinctures while providing an easier-to-take liquid solution. Tinctures are created by infusing herbs or berries in alcohol for extended periods, creating highly concentrated formulas which can be taken by mouth or added to beverages and foods; good elderberry tinctures contain only high quality ingredients and adhere to stringent quality standards when produced.

This syrup recipe includes glycerin instead of syrup for easier administration to kids. Packed with immune-enhancing herbs like ginger, eleuthero and astragalus for maximum effectiveness against infection; take it at the first sign of cold or flu symptoms to boost your defenses; it can also be taken regularly throughout the year to strengthen immunity.

This elderberry elixir combines dried and fresh elderberries, along with grounding adaptogenic herbs for maximum health benefits. Perfect as a tasty addition to herbal tea or as an effective natural cough suppressant, this product comes in both vegan- and gluten-free variants for optimal performance and allergy avoidance.

An aromatic amethyst-hued herbal syrup packed with the comforting flavors of elderberries and grounding adaptogenic herbs for an unforgettable silky-smooth flavor, this herbal syrup is perfect for winter use – be it to enhance smoothies, pour over porridge, or as an all-natural way to sweeten drinks!

Elderberries and their berries have been linked with various health conditions. While generally considered safe, it’s wise to consult a healthcare professional prior to adding elderberry extract into your diet; some medications interact with elderberry extract. Elderberry syrup should not be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding and elderberry supplements should not be added when treating an autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis or systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

This herbal syrup is an effective immune-enhancing remedy, used both acutely and chronically to combat colds and flus. Formulated with black elderberries and other herbal ingredients that boost immunity, this remedy can be taken by teaspoon or mixed with warm water as an elixir; additionally it’s great at soothing sore throats.


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