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Sensational 5-Gallon Blueberry Elderberry Melomel Recipe – A Perfect DIY Guide to Homemade Mead

Michael Gonzales
May 19, 2024
Sensational 5-Gallon Blueberry Elderberry Melomel Recipe – A Perfect DIY Guide to Homemade Mead

Savoury sips, fruity gulps, and an appealing aura of fermenting berries, are probably all the persuasion needed to immerse yourself into the art of creating blueberry elderberry melomel. Drenched in natural sweetness, with complimenting acids and perfectly balanced bitterness, this enticing 5-gallon recipe becomes the perfect companion for social gatherings or solitary evenings alike.

Ingredients List

Begin your melomel journey with these key components:

  • 10 lbs of fresh blueberries
  • 5 lbs of fresh elderberries
  • 15 lbs of honey (preferably organic)
  • 5 gallons of spring water
  • 1 pack of champagne yeast
  • Nutrient mix for the yeast (available at brewing shops)


1. Embark on your brewing adventure by sanitizing all your equipment scrupulously. Remember, cleanliness is key in homebrewing!

  1. Your second step is an exciting blend of honey and water in a large brewing pot. Heat this concoction but be careful it doesn’t boil!

  2. As your honey and water groove together, add in the rinsed blueberries and elderberries and blend them in the mix.

  3. Once your fruit and honey-water mixture cools to room temperature, introduce the yeast and nutrient mix making sure to stir thoroughly.

  4. Transfer this melomel-to-be into your fermentation vessel, seal it with an airtight lid and tuck it away in a cool, dark corner. The next two weeks are a patiently ticking time bomb of brewing delight!

  5. After the fermentation finishes, it’s time to siphon your concoction into another vessel minus the residue to clear it up, then let it rest an extra week or until you achieve your desired clarity.

Cooking Time & Servings

This brewing activity requires 2 weeks for fermentation, and with an additional week for clearing—3 weeks in total. Patience is the secret ingredient! This tantalizing recipe feeds a party of 20, providing them with an impressive 5-gallon load of fresh, homemade blueberry elderberry melomel.

Nutritional Information

Healthy living takes a flavorful turn with this melomel. Rich in antioxidants from elderberries and packed with Vitamin C from blueberries, it boosts your immune system. Not forgetting the multiple health benefits of honey. Each 8-ounce glass has approximately:

  • Calories: 210
  • Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 30g
  • Protein: 0g

Tips and Tricks

For an even better brewing experience, remember these handy hints:

  • Use clear honey for a lighter, delicate taste, while dark honey lends a robust flavor.
  • If you’re vegan, exchange honey for agave nectar or a sweetener of your choice.
  • Doing a second rinse of the remaining berries after the initial extraction gives an even stronger fruit flavor.

In Conclusion, The Power Of Patience…

…is truly acknowledged in every sip of this refreshingly fruity blueberry elderberry melomel recipe. It manifests what slow and steady can accomplish— a rewarding beverage, steeped in rich flavors, and brimming with health benefits. Share your unique brewing encounters, flaunt photos of your finished masterpiece or let us know if you recommend any delightful alterations to the recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use frozen fruit for this recipe?

    Absolutely! Just ensure to thaw and rinse them well before using.

  2. What can I substitute for champagne yeast?

    You can swap champagne yeast with a general-brewing yeast or a high-gravity beer yeast.

  3. How do I store the melomel once it’s ready?

    Dark, cool places, such as cellars, are ideal to protect the melomel from sunlight and maintaining a consistent temperature.

  4. Can I drink the melomel immediately after brewing?

    Though it’s edible right after brewing, it’s recommended to let it rest for a few months to allow the flavors to mellow and deepen.

  5. Is it safe to use wild elderberries?

    Absolutely safe, as long as they’re rinsed well and cooked correctly. Ensure they’re ripe –unripe elderberries can be toxic.

Be part of this brewing revolution and enjoy savoring your homemade, delectable melomel. Simple tricks, key ingredients, a bit of patience, and the fruits of your labor transform into this glorious fermented potion, thanks to this 5-gallon blueberry elderberry melomel recipe. Happy brewing!


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