Elderberry Gin Cocktail

Michael Gonzales
September 3, 2023
Elderberry Gin Cocktail

Whip up the ‘Elderberry Gin Cocktail’, where elderflower liqueur’s gentle floral tones meet zesty citrus, creating the perfect drink for special occasions. Infuse gin with fresh elderflowers and lemon for a refreshing summer delight. And the cherry on top? Pasteurized egg whites for a luscious, foamy layer. Looking for a daily health boost? Try our Immune support gummies!


For fans of both gin and the delicate floral notes of elderflowers, this simple cocktail will delight. Super refreshing with lemon, gin and elderflower syrup; perfect for an afternoon gathering!

This cocktail features berries from the European Elder Tree, commonly found in woodlands and hedgerows. Elderberries are an underutilized yet delicious berry packed with essential antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. When cooked properly they become delicious wine, jam or juice additions. While elderflowers are readily available at supermarkets and specialist grocers, for maximum enjoyment it is important to find fresh batches as these will have better flavour and won’t become as mushy when used in cocktails.

This recipe may seem simple enough, but it does require patience as the berries need to steep in the gin for approximately one month before they’re ready for use. You could try expediting this process by purchasing pre-steeped gin; however, this could affect the final flavour profile.

Make this classic cocktail by mixing 1 oz Bulldog gin, 2 teaspoons of St Germain elderflower liqueur and a splash of lemon juice together in a glass filled with ice. Top up the mixture with Fever Tree elderflower tonic water before garnishing it with fresh herbs and serving.

If you prefer an alcohol-free version of this drink, simply switch the gin with good quality elderflower cordial and follow the same steps. Or even better yet, switch out agave nectar for simple syrup or even just honey for something that has more natural sweetness!

Before adding herbs to a cocktail, smacking them can be an effective way of intensifying their flavors. By breaking up some cells of their leaves and releasing aromatic oils that will infuse into your beverage. This technique is particularly useful when creating infused syrups or cordials – or you could try using your favourites such as lavender and thyme to elevate the experience!


Preparing this drink requires patience but is well worth it! Elderflowers are an underappreciated berry that should be used more frequently; this gin cocktail is the ideal way to highlight their delicate flavor. Though simple to create, steeping the berries in the gin does take some time – definitely something to avoid when in a rush!

This refreshing cocktail boasts an irresistibly floral taste that pairs wonderfully with premium gin. Perfect for Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or bridal shower celebrations; also great to enjoy at summer parties with friends!

Make this refreshing gin cocktail by combining gin, St Germain elderflower liqueur and Fever Tree elderflower tonic water in a tall glass and stirring until everything has combined before adding lime wedges and garnishing it with either thyme, other herbs of your choice or giving the herbs a good smack to break open cells which release essential oils that further intensify their flavor.

You may wish to substitute the gin in this recipe with vodka instead, and replace the lavender syrup with simple or agave nectar for an alternative drink base. Furthermore, for an added twist you can add several drops of Angostura bitters for extra kick.

One of the great aspects of this recipe is its adaptability; simply adjust the amounts of gin, lemon juice and elderflower liqueur according to your own tastes and personal preference. Furthermore, you could make this cocktail as a mocktail by opting out of adding alcohol altogether and replacing it with sparkling or soda water instead.

If you enjoyed making this recipe, why not experiment with our other gin cocktails as well? These include Creme De Violette Gin Cocktail, Strawberry Rhubarb Gin Fizz and Thyme Elderflower Gimlet. Plus, find plenty of tips and advice for making cocktails on our how to make a cocktail page!


Elderflower Gin Cocktail: the ideal drink to serve when entertaining! Light and refreshing with its subtle sweetness from premium gin and floral elderflower liqueur, served alongside tonic water and garnished with fresh lime wedges – this cocktail will surely impress.

Elderberry bush flowers grow on European elderberry bushes, with small white blooms being harvested each late summer for use in producing elderflower liqueur known for its light yet sweet taste. Elderflower liqueur pairs perfectly with tonic water cocktails but is also increasingly being added into cocktails as part of the global gin and tonic trend.

Make this refreshing gin cocktail by combining all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and stirring well, fine strain into a tall glass filled with ice, top off with tonic water and garnish with a lime wedge for garnish! Enjoy!

If you would prefer an alcohol-free version of this cocktail, simply switch out the gin with non-alcoholic gin of your choice and replace elderflower liqueur with elderflower cordial for an alcohol-free option.

The classic gin and tonic cocktail is an easy drink to prepare, perfect as an entryway into cocktail drinking for beginners and customizable with different garnishes. Use this recipe as a starting point and explore various spirits and tonic waters until you find one you prefer!

Try something a bit more herbal with this Thyme Elderflower Gimlet cocktail! This twist on the classic Gimlet calls for 2 oz Bulldog Gin, 1.5 oz Elderflower Liqueur, 1.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice and finally adding 0.5 oz Thyme Simple Syrup before shaking well before pouring it all into a rocks glass for drinking pleasure!

A cocktail shaker is an indispensable asset to any home bar, so investing in one that is durable and easy to clean should be your top priority. A muddler can help with mixing drinks like mojitos and other mint-based cocktails, while having a citrus peeler/zester/zester comes in handy when crafting cocktails; with one, zesting citrus such as lemons, oranges and limes for garnish is made much simpler.


Simple ingredients and steps make this gin cocktail recipe perfect for summer cocktail parties, and also help use up any open bottles of gin, elderflower syrup or liqueur that might be on hand.

Make this drink easily adaptable for large gatherings by multiplying its ingredients by the number of people being served, making it an excellent choice for parties, weddings or baby showers where a wide range of drinks will be required. For an eye-catching presentation serve this gin cocktail in a rocks glass filled with whole or crushed ice and garnish each drink with fresh lime wheels, slices or wedges – an eye-catching visual presentation!

The delicate flavors of this drink blend perfectly with the botanical juniper notes and light bitterness of gin, making it an exquisite accompaniment for sparkling wine, white wine or clear spirits like vodka and cider. Furthermore, you can create refreshing mocktails using sparkling water or ginger beer instead of gin as part of its recipe.

Serve this gin cocktail with an aromatic lavender touch by adding just a few drops of Angostura bitters or lavender simple syrup or agave nectar before shaking and straining – you will achieve this delightful twist on classic cocktails that results in an irresistibly tart yet fragrant gin sour with floral undertones!

Cranberry and elderflower gin cocktails are irresistibly festive winter drinks, making the perfect addition to holiday cocktail parties. A perfect opportunity for bartenders and bartending tools and accessories such as shakers and jiggers to test out new tools such as citrus juicers; citrus zesters; muddlers for mojitos or zesters and peelers to garnish drinks with thin ribbons of fresh citrus peel are also included as useful additions in this delicious and festive recipe.


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