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Discover the Magic: Easy and Delicious Homemade Elderberry Jelly Recipe

Michael Gonzales
June 10, 2024
Discover the Magic: Easy and Delicious Homemade Elderberry Jelly Recipe

In the magical realm of culinary explorations and delicious discoveries, there shines a unique gem of a recipe, freshly plucked from Mother Nature’s bounteous basket – the elderberry jelly recipe. This gem, swaddled in a blanket of history and heartfelt homeliness, beams with a rich blend of sweetness and tartness, not to mention the host of health benefits wrapped within each joyful jar.

Ingredients List

Mapping your journey towards the creation of this rich and radiant elderberry jelly recipe, here’s the list of ingredients that will render your culinary venture as smooth as silk.

  • An abundance of Fresh Elderberries, roughly about 3 pounds
  • Sweet Sugar, 2 cups
  • Lemon Juice freshly squeezed from 1-2 large lemons
  • Pectin of your choice, approximately 2 tablespoons
  • And a pinch of love!


As we embark on this culinary adventure, let every step you take be a leap towards gastronomic greatness.

  1. Start by rinsing those beautiful elderberries and draining the excess water. Remember, we’re handpicking the healthiest and happiest ones, leaving behind the green or under-ripe ones.
  2. Next, pop those elderberries into a large pot, adding equal parts of water. Set your stove to a simmering song, and let those little guys roll around, jiving and jamming, until they burst into a boogie woogie of flavors.
  3. Once our elderberry dance-off is done, we strain them through a jelly bag or cheesecloth, collecting the luminous juice that’s brimming with health benefits.
  4. Add your sugar, lemon juice, and pectin into the elderberry elixir and bring it to a roaring boil. It’s where you stir and watch the magical mix bubble and brew.
  5. Fill your sterilized jars with the jelly mix and seal it tight. Now, marvel at the homemade delight.

Cooking Time & Servings

Your quest to create this jar of joyous jelly will take approximately 2 hours. This recipe yields about 4-5 medium jars, ready to spread happiness across many a morning toast.

Nutritional Information

This elderberry jelly recipe is more than just a sweet treat. It’s a teeming treasure chest of wellness, loaded with beneficial antioxidants. Each serving (a tablespoon) of this delightful jelly contains:


It’s sweet, sour, and incredibly good for you – a trinity of culinary perfection!

Tips and Tricks

While embarking on your elderberry expedition, here are a few tidbits to enhance your experience:

  • If you can’t find fresh elderberries, feel free to substitute them with frozen ones.
  • Adding apple instead of pectin can lend more natural sweetness and help your jelly set.
  • Don’t rush the straining step; allow the juice to drip at its leisure to prevent a cloudy jelly.

To wrap it up, the flavors of this dish bring…

The essence of a home, a season, and the simple joy that arises from creating something deliciously delightful. So, cook, share the love, and rejoice in the sweetness of life. Don’t forget to share your jelly-making journey and the taste adventures that follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t find fresh elderberries?

No worries, you can always use frozen elderberries or even a ripe, dark-colored variety of berries of your choice.

How long does the elderberry jelly keep?

Properly sealed, it should last unopened for about a year. Once opened, consume within a month.

Can I reduce the sugar in the recipe?

Absolutely, but remember that it might affect the jelly’s consistency and shelf-life.

Is it okay if my jelly didn’t set properly?

Definitely, it will still have a great flavor! You can use it as a syrup or topping.

Can I make this recipe with dried elderberries?

Yes, but you may need to adjust the water content to ensure the juice doesn’t become excessively robust.

Remember to infuse your culinary adventures with love and patience, for your creations are an extension of your spirit. Happy cooking, and enjoy your elderberry jelly!


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