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Elderberry Plants For Sale in Georgia

Michael Gonzales
September 11, 2023

Elderberries make an excellent addition to any garden. With easy care requirements and tolerance of various growing conditions, deer resistance and pest-proof features. Elderberries produce abundant amounts of vitamin C which makes them useful in treating colds and flu.

Easy to care for

Elderberry plants are extremely easy to care for, growing in garden zones 3-8 with little maintenance required. Not particular about soil conditions like sandy or clay, deer resistant and pest resistant varieties exist as well as being disease free and drought tolerant varieties that thrive under most circumstances.

Elderberries can be propagated through cuttings taken in late fall or early spring when their dormant state allows. Soaking the cuttings in natural willow bark rooting hormone can speed up this process; however, their roots will develop naturally if kept moist and exposed to sunlight.

Elderberry bushes once established will yield abundant fruit that’s loaded with vitamin C and immune-boosting properties, perfect for jams, pies and wines. Their harvest should occur when their richly colored and slightly soft berries have reached their optimal state, making for tasty raw or tea beverages as well as adding flavoring alcoholic beverages. Elderberries have long been recognized as natural cold and flu remedies; rich with antioxidants which reduce cancer risks as well as cholesterol levels; they’re an excellent source of vitamins A & B to promote eye health; promote healthy cardiovascular systems while strengthening immune systems – they even serve to make natural cough drops!


Elderberry plants are easy to cultivate and flourish in zones 3-8 of gardening, from full sun to partial shade conditions. Elderberries do well in wet environments such as rain gardens and wetlands. Elderberries are deer resistant, insect resistant, disease free, and rarely encounter problems; but if you want your bushes to produce more fruit it may be worthwhile pruning frequently.

Additionally to pruning, it’s equally essential that bushes receive enough water. They require at least an inch per week – either through rainfall or irrigation – as well as being fertilized twice annually with balanced fertilizers.

Elderberries are packed with vitamin C, making them a favorite among health-conscious eaters. You can use their berries in jams, pies, wines or tea production, adding flavorful pops of color and sweetness to foods like pancakes and muffins while even creating your own elderberry syrup!

Pruning your bushes on an annual basis, particularly when they’re bearing berries, is vital for their overall appearance and healthy development. Though pruning might not be necessary in its initial few years as your shrub will naturally produce new canes each year; once multiple canes have grown out you should prune out any old ones to encourage even greater fruit production.

Black Lace Elderberry is an attractive plant that grows to 6 to 10 feet tall, featuring feathery purple-black leaves resembling lace, columnar growth habit and white flowers with fruit that ripen in late summer. Perfect for woodland gardens and rain gardens alike, combined with other perennials or shrubs it creates vibrant landscapes.

If you’re in search of an elderberry plant that’s hardy and easy to care for, Sambucus canadensis var. nigra ‘Eva’ should be considered. This cultivar produces delicious berries in similar fashion to wild elderberries while being drought resistant – an excellent choice for beginners looking for an easy care option that will quickly produce results. It makes an excellent first choice!


Elderberry plants are hardy shrubs that thrive under various growing conditions. Propagating from cuttings is easy, and growth occurs rapidly – beginning production by late summer or early autumn when its berries can begin producing them rich with vitamin C that can be used in jams, pies, wine production or refreshing tea brewing – plus elderberries have long been known to act as natural cold and flu remedies!

To propagate elderberry plants, cut a 6-inch piece from an established plant and stick it into a pot containing sand mixed with peat moss or potting soil. Soaking the cutting in natural willow bark rooting hormone can speed up this process while regularly watering is also required.

Elderberry varieties can be found at local nurseries or online plant shops. Raintree Nursery, for instance, carries an impressive selection of elderberry starts and seeds while you can also buy from Norm’s Farm or Strictly Medicinal Seeds. Furthermore, many garden centers and nurseries carry elderberry shrubs.

Easy to propagate

Elderberry plants are easy to propagate, often starting with cuttings taken from existing trees. They flourish in most gardening zones and grow well both full sun and partial shade environments, are deer resistant, insect resistant, disease resistant, can be pruned back regularly for controlled size growth, boast highly aromatic flowers with abundant amounts of Vitamin C containing fruit that makes delicious jams jellies wines as well as being used medicinally in herbal medicine products.

Cuttings should be taken during late fall to early spring when your plant is dormant, by simply cutting a six-inch branch piece from it and sticking it into a pot with sand mixed with peat moss or potting soil. Soaking them in natural willow bark rooting hormone before planting may help them grow roots more quickly, though this step isn’t essential.

Leaves from this plant can be used to produce an astringent for skin and eye care products, while its berries can be made into elderberry wine, syrup or cough drops. They also make great additions to compost piles as they accelerate decomposition while improving fermentation.


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