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Elderberry Reviews – Vintner’s Best Fruit Wine Bases

Michael Gonzales
December 29, 2023

These all natural fruit wine bases make making wine easier than ever – without straining! Just add water and yeast! Plus they come resealable packages of 128oz jugs that use the same formulations used by commercial wineries!

Be sure to keep a glass carboy on hand for secondary fermentation and bulk aging, and replace airlocks and bungs frequently as these parts tend to break easily.

1. Vintner’s Best Pineapple Wine Base

Pineapple wine is one of the world’s most beloved varieties, thanks to its refreshing sweetness. Making your own pineapple wine couldn’t be simpler thanks to Vintner’s Best’s all-natural wine base that requires no pH adjustments or acid adjustments; simply dilute one gallon with four gallons of water, add yeast and stir!

This 128 oz bottle of pineapple wine base includes a mix of juice concentrates, corn syrup, citric acid, and natural flavors that will produce five gallons of delicious fruity pineapple-flavored wine at 10% ABV. With its convenient resealable packaging it makes this base easy to use and store; additionally it comes complete with instructions that will guide your winemaking experience for maximum success!

Vintner’s Best fruit wine bases are made with all-natural ingredients and can be fermented safely in traditional glass carboys, providing one of the safest, hygienic ways to produce wine. However, this method requires additional equipment such as carboy handles or carriers, both available from most home winemaking stores.

Vintner’s Best is one of the more cost-effective wine base brands available, which allows novice wine makers to produce a high-quality bottle. Clear 750 ml bottles make an ideal way to display your finished product’s vibrant color and clarity.

Starters looking to enter winemaking can also try starting with a Vintner’s Best starter kit, which contains all necessary hardware for primary fermentation, secondary fermentation, bottling, racking and bottling – an ideal way to kickstart their hobby which may lead to rewarding careers in winemaking!

As part of the fermentation process, it’s essential to monitor both off flavors and alcohol content closely. If your wine’s alcohol level drops too far below your ideal goal, backsweetening with small amounts of sugar might be needed before bottling – Potassium Sorbate should also be added prior to bottling to prevent yeast from reproducing and processing more sugar, potentially leading to off flavors in your final wine product.

2. Vintner’s Best Elderberry Wine Base

Vintner’s Best’s Elderberry Fruit Wine Base makes creating high-quality elderberry wine easy without straining out fruit pieces with all-natural, all-vegan formulations, making this all-natural solution strain-free and ideal for small batch production. Re-sealable packaging makes scaling batches easy while no pH or acid adjustments are necessary; no pH/Acid adjustments or modifications necessary! This fruit wine base includes fermentable corn syrup, Apple, Pear and Elderberry Juice Concentrates as well as Citric Acid as well as natural flavors – blended, pasteurized and stored at ambient temperatures.

To create your own delectable batch of elderberry wine, simply combine its contents with four gallons of water and pitch any yeast of your choosing. Distilled water is recommended since its pH balance will not alter your wine’s acidity levels. Finally, let it ferment for several weeks or months before bottling your masterpiece!

If you want to bottle Elderberry wine, using a glass carboy is the most hygienic and safest method. A corker and some clear 750 ml bottles will also be necessary, while funnels and wine siphons are helpful tools in speeding up this process.

To create smoother, mellower wine, it is necessary to back sweeten with sugar or syrup. Potassium Sorbate should be added prior to back sweetening in order to inhibit yeast reproduction; additionally sulfites should also be included for extra off flavor control. Yeast Nutrient will ensure proper fermentation and tasty flavors!

3. Vintner’s Best Strawberry Wine Base

This fruit wine base is composed of all-natural juice, without needing to strain it through a mesh bag. Simply combine one gallon with four gallons of water, pitch your yeast of choice, and stir. This base offers superior replacements for other available fruit wine bases on the market.

Vintner’s Best fruit wine bases are all-natural, all-fruit formulations blended from real fruit juice, perfect for home winemakers who don’t want to strain out chunky pieces from fruit slices during fermentation. With convenient re-sealable packaging that allows scaling up or down of batches depending on your needs. These bases produce five gallon batches with 10% ABV content – ideal for commercial wineries looking for easy fruit wine production at home.

Strawberry fruit wine is an immensely popular variety. This versatile wine can be drunk either sweet or semi-sweet and makes an ideal aperitif or dessert wine; pairing well with cheeses or spicy foods alike. Any type of yeast can be used, although fast fermenting yeast would speed up production more efficiently.

When bottling Strawberry wine, clear 750 ml bottles are ideal. This will allow the color and clarity of your wine to stand out, and should also include potassium Sorbate to stop yeast reproduction and prevent off flavors during fermentation; additionally it will protect from oxidation.

This combination of fruit juice concentrates, corn syrup, citric acid and natural flavor has been created specifically to provide a fermentable base for Strawberry wine blend at 18.9 Brix. A high-quality product which has been blended, pasteurized and stored at ambient temperatures with strong fruit flavors that remind one of fresh picked strawberries, this base can make an enjoyable and nutritious drink in their home!

4. Vintner’s Best Blackberry Wine Base

Blend of juice concentrates, corn syrup, citric acid and natural flavor designed to provide a fermentable base for an elderberry wine blend at 18.9 Brix. Easily blended and pasteurized before being stored at ambient temperature for storage at ambient temperature, making 5 gallons of high quality wine at around 10% ABV from this easy-to-use fruit wine base that comes packaged resealably and with convenient sizing instructions resealable packaging allowing easy scaling up or down depending on batch sizes; free from sulfites without needing for pH or acid adjustments either!

Vintner’s Best fruit wine bases are made from all-natural fruit juice, offering an easy and economical alternative to purchasing pre-packed wines. Perfect for any winemaking enthusiast!

This 128 oz (1 gallon) resealable jug contains all the ingredients to create one 5-gallon batch of elderberry wine – fermentable corn syrup, apple, pear and blackberry juice concentrates as well as water, malic acid citric acid and natural flavors – with Campden tablets or sugar added if required to sweeten further.

When making elderberry wine at home, it is crucial to follow instructions precisely. The most crucial step of all is adding yeast when the wine has cooled off – this will ensure proper fermentation without unwanted gasses forming in your bottle. After fermentation is complete, your wine should be racked and bottled using clear 750ml bottles so as to show its color and clarity best. Potassium Sorbate may be added when bottling; this will prevent yeast reproduction which may result in off flavors; additionally sulfites are recommended in protecting it against oxidation.

This fruit wine base can be used with any yeast strain without straining. With all-natural ingredients and an easily resealable jug, this product makes using it convenient and saves both time and money by eliminating the need for pH or acid adjustments – you can make multiple batches at the same time without waiting for seasonal fresh fruit availability!


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