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How Long Can Elderberry Syrup Last?

Michael Gonzales
August 26, 2023
How Long Can Elderberry Syrup Last

Elderberries, a potent immune-booster, can effectively reduce the duration of colds and flu. Bursting with natural compounds, elderberries not only fortify immunity but also help in fending off illnesses, making elderberry gummies an essential addition to your health regimen.

For a homemade remedy, place all ingredients (excluding honey) in a saucepan. Bring to a boil on high heat, then reduce to a gentle simmer. Cover and let cook for about 30 minutes or until the liquid has halved. During this process, use a fork or potato masher to press and mash the berries.


Elderberry syrup is a tasty way to strengthen the immune system and boost energy and sleep quality. Packed with antioxidants and antimicrobial agents, elderberry surup contains nutrients essential to relieving symptoms associated with colds and flu as well as helping your energy levels remain steady and improve sleep quality. All you need for making it is local raw honey, fresh or dried black elderberries, ginger root, cinnamon stick, cloves – raw honey is preferable because its nutrients remain intact, available both at natural food stores as well as from beekeepers in person!

Start by washing elderberries thoroughly and removing any dead ones, twigs or leaves that might get in the way. Combine elderberries and water in a stainless-steel pot, bring to a gentle boil and simmer for approximately twenty minutes – using either a spoon or potato masher to mash soft berries to release juice. After twenty minutes have passed remove from heat and strain using a fine mesh sieve into another clean bowl to extract as much juice as possible from them before pressing hard on them with your spoon so as to squeeze out every last drop of juice as possible from them before straining through fine mesh sieve and sieve in order to extract as much juice from them as possible!

Once the berries have been strained, you should have around 700ml of liquid. At this point, add additional water if necessary; let the syrup cool, stir in honey and store in an airtight glass jar in your refrigerator.

Though this basic elderberry syrup recipe provides excellent results, you can add different herbs and spices to enhance both its taste and health benefits. Fresh or dried ginger root gives a delicious kick while providing immune-enhancing nutrients; cinnamon sticks increase absorption of beneficial flavonoids from berries while cloves have immune-supportive properties as well.

This recipe calls for dried elderberries as they’re easier to come by than fresh ones, though you could also experiment with freshly collected berries if necessary. Keep the syrup chilled in the fridge; although its thickness will differ from store bought versions.


Elderberries are one of nature’s most reliable remedies for treating inflammation, strengthening immunity and relieving cold and flu symptoms. Rich in antioxidants and with a long history as medicine for humanity – Hippocrates called elderberry the “medicine chest of the people”. Elderflower flowers can be made into tea while its berries used to create juice, syrups, candies or desserts.

However, for safe consumption of elderberries it must first be cooked and strained in order to ensure they are edible. As eating any part of an elderberry plant can be dangerous in large doses it’s vital that any small stalks from them are removed using your fingers or fork – although this process might take a bit of extra time, the effort will surely pay off!

Once the berries have been freed from their stems, they can be added to a saucepan with boiling water to simmer. After simmering for around an hour – or until reduced by half – stir occasionally using a spoon and strain through a sieve lined with cheesecloth or muslin fabric for optimal results.

For optimal results, store elderberry syrup in an airtight jar in the fridge, taking doses every 2-3 hours as directed. Freeze any extra for later use or store it in an ice cube tray in order to use later on. It is advised to consume 10ml every couple of hours for optimal use.

If you prefer not to make elderberry syrup yourself, there are numerous pre-made options available in health stores and online. Just make sure that it contains less herbicides and pesticides compared to conventional options, and read up on its sugar content; many supplements contain added sugars!

If you find yourself with extra syrup, storing it in the freezer for later use is simple and straightforward. Or combine it with fruit or water to create a healthy drink! Nutrition information below is based on one ounce of syrup; feel free to adjust according to your own individual tastes!


Elderberry syrup can be an invaluable aid against colds and flu. But many individuals are curious as to its shelf life; this will depend on a number of factors including ingredients used and proper sterilization processes.

If you want your elderberry syrup to stay fresh for as long as possible, ensure that only high-grade ingredients and sterilized tools are used when creating it. This will ensure the final product is free from contaminants or bacteria and extend its shelf life.

Prevent spoilage of your syrup by keeping it cool and dry; refrigerator is ideal; alternatively you could store it in the freezer – just ensure to use an airtight sealable container that can seal itself securely!

Label your elderberry syrup with the date and contents to help keep track of how long you have had it stored and easily identify when it has gone bad. If in doubt about whether your syrup has turned rancid, either smell it or taste it to determine whether or not it remains safe to consume.

Frozen elderberry syrup can also help extend its shelf life by being stored for extended periods in convenient plastic or glass containers that can be frozen – like ice cube trays or large jars – before carefully vacuum sealing it to remove all air and help avoid oxidation and freezer burn.

Frozen elderberry syrup can not only preserve your homemade creation, but it can also make it more portable. Simply mix a tablespoon of it with carbonated beverages such as water or soda to create delicious elderberry soda! Not only is this an enjoyable way to enjoy homemade elderberry syrup, but it can help stay hydrated during hot weather or flu season!


Elderberry syrup can help strengthen your immunity or treat cold and flu symptoms effectively. Packed with antiviral properties that can shorten their length of symptoms as well as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flavonoids – it’s perfect for taking directly or mixing into cocktails and mocktails!

Studies conducted across several clinical trials have confirmed that 15 mL of elderberry extract-rich syrup provides some benefit in treating influenza and cold symptoms; other research shows it can even reduce symptoms while travelling by air.

Note that elderberry syrup is only an herbal remedy and cannot replace adequate sleep, nutrition and regular physical activity. Supplements only provide temporary immunity boost and should never replace getting adequate restful restful restful nights’ rest.

Before becoming sick, using cough and cold syrup is recommended because it can prevent colds and flu by blocking viral spread and alleviating symptoms such as sore throats and nasal congestion. Regular usage, however, should be avoided as taking too much stimulation could potentially increase immune system stimulation and lead to unwanted side effects.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not consume elderberry syrup without first consulting your physician. Elderberry syrup has not been proven safe to take during gestation or nursing; additionally it could interact with certain drugs such as antidiabetics. Furthermore, green or unripe elderberries, raw uncooked elderberries as well as green stems can contain toxic amounts of cyanide that could prove lethal if consumed raw and unripened elderberries can contain toxic levels of cyanide that are toxic in large doses.

Although many supplements have yet to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), berry syrups marketed for children and adults generally are safe to take, but please check with your pediatrician first if giving something new to your child. Also always seek the advice of your physician when combining supplements and medications for blood sugar or blood pressure management; and never use herbal products in place of medical advice from a physician.


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