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The Best Way to Take Black Elderberry

Michael Gonzales
January 8, 2024

Studies on black elderberry show it may help shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms; it doesn’t prevent their occurrence however, as researchers point out.

How you take elderberry depends on your tastes and health requirements. Consider these options when determining how best to use this supplement:

1. Take a Tea

Black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is chock-full of antioxidants that reduce harmful inflammation and boost the immune system. Long used as folk medicine, black elderberry has also been proven to relieve upper respiratory symptoms associated with colds and flu such as coughing, congestion and sneezing – as well as studies suggesting its powerful antiviral potential*

Black elderberries should be taken as a tea with althea officinalis (marshmallow root) to soothe irritated tissues.* Simply combine berries, marshmallow root and water in a pot; cover and bring to boil; simmer for 20 minutes and strain out before sweetening it to your preference with honey or other natural sweeteners such as fruit juice.

If you want to enjoy black elderberry at home but don’t have time to make herbal tea, there are other forms available such as capsules, lozenges, syrup and gummies – with syrup being most beneficial since it absorbs quickly into the body according to Feller.

Warning: Elderberries contain toxins which are toxic if consumed raw and should not be added to tea. Also be wary when picking your own elderberries since some can look very similar to water hemlock, a deadly and toxic wild plant which should never be picked.

Before taking elderberry for chronic conditions or an autoimmune condition like multiple sclerosis or lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), consult your healthcare provider as it could trigger more active immune cells that may exacerbate symptoms. Furthermore, certain medications could interact with it. For more information please see the FAQ on elderberry.

2. Take a Gummy

Elderberry can be taken in convenient gummy form for ease of consumption. Doing this daily may support immune health and alleviate seasonal allergies* while being easy to take anywhere quickly for quick doses. Keep in mind, however, that their effectiveness varies based on brand and dosage; before adding supplements to your diet it’s wise to speak to your healthcare provider first to determine the appropriateness and dose.

Studies on elderberry are limited; however, one recent research paper from Nutrients demonstrated its benefits with air travelers taking elderberry syrup having less severe flu symptoms than those who didn’t take any. Researchers advised taking elderberry extract at the first sign of cold or flu symptoms to shorten duration and severity.

Elderberry gummies should contain ingredients that are minimally processed, organic and GMO-free for maximum effectiveness. Furthermore, it should also be free from allergens like gluten, gelatin, peanuts, tree nuts and milk as well as any additives such as sugar which could compromise your health.

Uncooked elderberries or parts of the plant are toxic, so it is wise to consume only their extract in pill or syrup form as opposed to directly from nature. Be wary consuming too much; too much may cause unpleasant GI symptoms in some individuals.

As with any new supplement, black elderberry should be taken in small doses and gradually increased as needed. As always, it’s advisable to seek advice from both your physician and registered dietitian prior to beginning any regimen of black elderberry supplements, including black elderberry. There has been some speculation that elderberry may trigger an immune response in people living with autoimmune conditions or organ transplant recipients, although further research needs to be completed in this area. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid taking elderberry due to interactions between medications taken for both conditions.

3. Take a Capsule

Black elderberry supplements offer an effective immune-support ingredient. Most are found as extracts or fruit concentrates that can be safely consumed at lower doses than raw plant materials. As always, before adding any new supplement into your daily regimen it’s wise to speak to a healthcare provider first.

Horbaach Gummies provide powerful immune support with 400 mg of black elderberry per serving, in an easy and delicious berry-flavored chew that may not be suitable for individuals with berry allergies or specific medical issues.

New Chapter’s black elderberry capsules provide a convenient way to enjoy all the health benefits associated with this superfood. Each bottle delivers 600mg of Sambucus nigra elderberry extract in non-GMO, gluten, dairy and soy-free vegan capsules; perfect for providing immune support against cold or flu symptoms or as daily wellness measures to stay strong and healthy.

Black elderberries contain significant levels of antioxidants that help the body defend itself from free-radical damage caused by free-radicals that contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure and skin aging; these antioxidants found in black elderberry can reverse such damage and protect it.

Research has demonstrated that taking elderberry can shorten both the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms as well as respiratory infections when taken at their first sign. Furthermore, its antioxidant content also helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as promote restful sleep.

Studies have also demonstrated that eating elderberry regularly can reduce allergy symptoms.* People suffering from arthritis, autoimmune diseases or asthma can also reap its many benefits – though elderberry should not be used alone as a preventative measure – instead it should be combined with seasonal flu shots, acetaminophen for severe symptoms and regular handwashing to achieve maximum effectiveness.

4. Take a Syrup

Sambucus trees’ tart-tasting berries have long been used to fight colds and flu, strengthen immunity, and ease inflammation. For maximum elderberry benefits, taking syrup form is ideal; this way you get concentrated amounts of nutrition while strengthening your immune system at once.

Make your own elderberry syrup at home by mixing one tablespoon of dried or fresh black elderberries with eight ounces of water and boiling in a pot or InstaPot, before simmering for 45 minutes and allowing to cool before stirring in one tablespoon of honey, sugar or any plant-based sweetener for taste and adding any essential oils desired – for best results, locally sourced raw honey should be preferred when possible; alternatively you could try going without honey altogether for vegan-friendly version!

Once prepared, enjoy this robust syrup on toast, in cocktails or over fruit for an tangy and tart contrast with its sweetness. Additionally, use it in freezer jam recipes or to create homemade ice pops for maximum versatility!

If you have an upset stomach or digestive tract, black elderberry supplements are an ideal way to take advantage of its concentrated concentration of nutrients without upsetting your system. However, if you suffer from an immune-compromising illness like an autoimmune disease or have had chemotherapy treatments or organ transplants that suppressed immune systems suppressed, before starting an elderberry supplement regimen it’s advisable to first consult with a healthcare provider first.

Black Elderberry can also be taken in the form of gummies, capsules and lozenges for daily immune system support. Be wary of added sugars; taking any supplements regularly may interfere with how quickly and effectively your medications work; consult your physician prior to adding anything new into your diet. If taking black elderberry early in the season will allow your levels to build up before cold or flu strikes and listen to what your body tells you; any allergic reaction such as hives or tongue swelling indicates discontinuing use immediately.


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