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What is Best Form of Black Elderberry?

Michael Gonzales
December 21, 2023

what is best form of black elderberry

Raw elderberries contain anti-inflammatory benefits; however, their tart and seedy nature make them unsuitable for consumption in their raw state. For optimal consumption, elderberries must first be cooked until their flavors can become more appealing.

Studies indicate that black elderberry supplements may help shorten the duration of colds and flu symptoms; however, they cannot prevent their occurrence altogether.


Black Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) produces this small purple berry which contains polyphenols including anthocyanosides that may provide immune stimulation and anti-inflammatory benefits, according to laboratory tests. Furthermore, small company-funded clinical studies suggest consuming extracts of these berries may help decrease both severity and duration of flu and cold symptoms*

This berry contains many vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C and flavonoids, that can boost natural immunity while supporting a healthy immune system.* Flavonoids also offer many health benefits including cardiovascular and digestive support.*

Elderberry supplements are commonly taken for their potential immune-enhancing and allergy management benefits, as well as antioxidant benefits and support of detoxification processes. * Research also suggests elderberry may help alleviate seasonal allergies.*

Even though this berry is generally safe for most individuals, it’s always important to consult your healthcare provider prior to adding any new supplements to your routine if taking medications or have existing health conditions.

Herbal Roots Black Elderberry Capsules are made with organic Sambucus elderberries and contain a 4:1 concentration. Each bottle of this dietary supplement has been lab tested and third-party verified to ensure its quality, safety, and potency* It’s gluten, soy, milk, egg, peanut, and tree nut free as well.

This supplement contains high-grade black elderberry extract and is free from added sweeteners, making it a good option if you want to avoid added sweeteners or have an upset stomach. Adults looking to strengthen their immunity systems might also find this suitable, while it comes in convenient gummy form for kids.


If you prefer taking supplements in capsule form, then the ideal black elderberry supplement for you would likely be standardized Sambucus nigra extract. Be wary of those made with fillers, binders or unnecessary additives; many brands employ third-party labs to verify that their ingredients are pure and safe.

No matter if it’s a capsule or syrup, be sure to read and follow the label instructions for optimal dosage. As products often differ depending on whether they’re intended for children or adults, make sure you are taking enough for maximum effect.

In addition to offering a strong dosage, an ideal black elderberry supplement should also include essential nutrients like vitamins C and D as this combination helps strengthen immunity while decreasing inflammation. Furthermore, look out for one with no added sugars or fillers that might compromise its effectiveness.

Quality herbalists use only the most potent berries available when crafting their supplements, such as black elderberry which is full of flavonoids and polyphenols that act as free-radical fighters in the body. Furthermore, it’s wise to check if their manufacturer uses organic or non-GMO ingredients.

Another aspect to keep in mind when creating capsules is what type of gelatin they will contain. Bovine and porcine options exist; most companies opt for a blend of both to ensure hard capsules with plasticity and clarity as desired for their product. This factor becomes especially crucial when developing sleep supplements; selecting appropriate raw materials can contribute significantly to better rest quality – for instance bovine bone gelatin provides firmness while porcine varieties allow greater plasticity.


This supplement contains elderberry extract as its core component, but also features other beneficial ingredients to support your immune system, such as echinacea (a coneflower with possible antibacterial properties) and propolis – bee glue used by bees to join their colonies together – along with vitamins C, D and zinc for maximum effectiveness.

These vegan gummies contain no gelatin and are sweetened naturally with fruit pectin and organic tapioca syrup, according to their manufacturer. Furthermore, this product is free from gluten, yeast-derived ingredients, dairy, peanuts, eggs, soy and artificial colors; making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions.

Another noteworthy advantage is this product’s high potency of lab-tested Sambucus elderberry on the market, offering maximum potential in terms of potency and flavor. Plus, vitamin C helps support immune health – but please be aware it does contain some added sugar that might be concerning for those watching their sugar intake.

Though these gummies contain the highest elderberry concentration on our list, they contain more sugar than some others; four grams per serving is slightly above what many would prefer for daily gummy snacks.

NutraChamps Gummies have the second-highest elderberry concentration on our list and contain many additional ingredients compared to most gummies currently on the market, such as echinacea (which may possess antibacterial properties) and propolis, used by bees to attach their hives together. They’re produced at an FDA certified good manufacturing practice facility for added assurance.


Since ancient times, people have used the berries of this wild plant to craft powerful remedies that boost immune systems, detoxify and cleanse bodies, reduce inflammation and treat colds and flu. Their potent antioxidant properties may even shorten duration by binding with and neutralizing viruses that cause illness.

Elderberry syrup extract’s anti-inflammatory benefits can also soothe sneezing and coughing associated with upper respiratory infections like bronchitis or sinusitis. According to one study, those who consumed 15ml of elderberry syrup extract four times daily experienced less severe symptoms and shorter duration of illness than those who didn’t use the herbal remedy.

Elderberries may help prevent and heal urinary tract infections due to their ability to soothe inflammation and lower levels of bacteria in the body. A recent study also suggested that drinking elderberry juice or tea could shorten the duration of viral infections in adults.

Black elderberry can serve as an excellent natural diuretic to reduce fluid retention, by stimulating both urination and bowel movements to flush your system out and keep things moving smoothly.

Regular use of elderberries not only supports a healthy immune system but can also lower blood pressure and protect the heart. Studies have demonstrated that when given to rats with elevated blood pressure levels, its polyphenols were proven to significantly decrease them.

No matter if you opt to purchase black elderberry from your favorite vendor or harvest it yourself, make sure that all necessary precautions are taken when collecting this nutritious superfood. Make sure you identify each berry correctly (it’s best to avoid plants with similar appearances as these could contain harmful toxins), cook and convert the berries before eating them and dispose of any branches, bark or leaves that might pose risks when consumed directly.


Sambucus tree berries have long been used for both food and medicine purposes, with people creating syrup, tinctures, jams and preserves from these sour-tasting berries for consumption or medicinal use. Modern science has validated many traditional claims about elderberry such as its ability to boost immunity, reduce inflammation and aid digestion.

Black elderberry syrup provides maximum nutrition and can be taken any time of the day or night, unlike gummies, capsules and teas which tend to take more time for absorption by your body.

Studies have demonstrated that taking Sambucol elderberry syrup within 48 hours of first signs of cold or flu may help decrease symptoms; however, more research needs to be conducted.

Elderberry syrup of superior quality contains concentrated extract of elderberries that has been standardized to guarantee an adequate quantity of flavonoids per serving, providing its potency and health-promoting benefits.

Black elderberry syrup contains powerful antioxidants as well as being an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C which may help prevent the common cold. Furthermore, there’s also riboflavin, niacin calcium magnesium.

Adults generally consider it safe to consume a teaspoon of elderberry syrup daily; however, children under 12 should not do so due to its diuretic effects which might interact with medications that increase urination. If diabetic, consult with their healthcare provider before beginning this supplement regimen.

Elderberry syrup should be made from organic fruit juice that has been freshly pressed with other natural ingredients such as gaia Herbs’ black elderberry syrup containing 14.5 grams of elderberries per teaspoon and an added dose of acerola cherry fruit extract for extra vitamin C – something Gaia Herbs offers as part of their black elderberry selection – no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or artificial colors and flavors are added – it’s USDA-certified organic and vegan; safe for everyday use and use for daily consumption! A top pick is Gaia Herbs black Elderberry Syrup which contains 14.5 grams per teaspoon with added vitamin C from Acerola cherry fruit extract for an extra dose of vitamin C! With USDA certification and vegan certification it’s safe for daily consumption – making Gaia Herbs black elderberry syrup an ideal pick if taken daily!


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