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Is Elderberry Syrup For Kids Safe?

Michael Gonzales
December 31, 2023

Parents want their kids to remain healthy. Natural supplements like elderberry may be used to both prevent and treat cold symptoms.

These gummies make an excellent option, as they do not contain any artificial preservatives or colors and are free from major allergens such as gluten, peanuts, eggs and dairy. Plus, they contain echinacea and vitamin C for an added immune boost!

Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup

With flu and cold season around the corner, elderberry syrup has made waves on social media and moms’ groups as a potential remedy to shorten a common cold or flu symptoms. Hailed as an effective herbal solution, elderberry can be found as teas, lozenges, tablets or gummies – yet is safe for kids? Although Sambucus nigra may help strengthen immunity there isn’t sufficient clinical data supporting its use yet.

Aviva Romm, MD, a family medicine practitioner and herbalist advises parents who plan on giving their child elderberry supplements to follow several guidelines before purchasing one from any supplier. First and foremost is choosing high-quality product. “Use only supplements produced by manufacturers who abide by Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP),” she suggests. This ensures they follow specific sourcing rules as well as consistent production standards when making these dietary supplements.

An important consideration when selecting medication for children is dosage. Experts advise parents to follow the dosage recommendation on the label; taking too much can cause stomach upset while too little will not benefit their child in any way.

Last, consider your child’s medical history and medications they might be taking. Elderberry might increase the activity of certain immune-suppressing medications used after transplants,” notes Romm, “so if your child suffers from an autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis or systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), it would likely be wiser for him/her to forgoing this remedy.”

Elderberry extract has yet to prove itself as an effective treatment for flu, so do not use it in place of vaccines. Furthermore, do not take it with corticosteroids such as prednisone as this could reduce their effectiveness and could reduce immunity further.

Llama Naturals Kids Elderberry Gummies

While elderberry syrup may be an effective home remedy, always ensure it meets quality criteria. Choose an organic product certified as organic that adheres to stringent sourcing rules and Current Good Manufacturing Practice. Furthermore, artificial sweeteners and added sugars may wreak havoc with your immune system and actually cause more harm than good – look for black elderberry-containing gummies so your kids will benefit without unnecessary chemicals being introduced into their system.

These organic elderberry extract, zinc and vitamin C gummies offer optimal immune support. Not only are they vegan-friendly and free from gelatin and artificial sweeteners like high-fructose syrup; their natural berry flavor comes from using fruit pectin instead of gelatin for softer textures; plus there are less than 2 g of sugar per serving to avoid sudden sugar crashes!

Although these gummies don’t offer quite the same antioxidant profile as syrup, they still make an excellent way for kids to combat colds and flus. Containing organic elderberry extract (64x more powerful than regular berries), plant-based vitamin C, zinc chelate, and organic beta glucan from reishi mushrooms – as well as being free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, gelatin, added colors or flavors!

These elderberry gummies provide parents with an easy and hassle-free way to give elderberry to their children, whether directly or mixed into water or yogurt. Made in the US and organic with no added sugar or sweeteners, gelatin or synthetic vitamins or acids – plus gluten-free and vegan status! A great addition to any child’s wellness routine for year round health!

Llama Naturals Kids Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup for children may have made headlines recently in social media posts, moms’ groups, or among health-minded friends. Elderberry syrup has long been touted as a natural remedy to reduce cold and flu symptoms while relieving upper respiratory infections and building immunity.

Elderberry supplements do work and are relatively safe for most children when taken as prescribed gummies or syrup. When using high-quality products, side effects should be minimal if taken regularly in a form like syrup or gummies; however it’s always wise to consult a pediatrician prior to giving any dietary supplements to your kids; this is especially true if they already take medications prescribed by a healthcare professional.

When purchasing an elderberry product for your children, try selecting a syrup with low sugar content and minimal additives. Processed sugar can actually damage their immune systems rather than boost them; alternatively you may find elderberry gummies without sugar, synthetic vitamins, added sweeteners, acids, waxes and gelatine.

Black elderberry extract capsules may also be beneficial to kids, as they can be easily swallowed. Each brand offers different doses. In addition, many contain extra components to support immunity such as zinc or vitamin C for added boost.

Although it may seem odd, our ancestors were well aware of how powerful Sambuca nigra could be in aiding immunity and shortening illness duration as well as reducing upper respiratory tract infections. Furthermore, there’s even preliminary evidence suggesting it can protect against complications caused by Coronavirus virus infections.

As a parent, it’s your goal to help ensure your child remains healthy and strong for exploring the world. A balanced diet and plenty of sleep should provide a solid base, yet at times they might require additional immune support – luckily there are numerous solutions out there which could assist.


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