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The Best Elderberry to Fight Colds and Flu

Michael Gonzales
January 11, 2024
The Best Elderberry to Fight Colds and Flu

Elderberry products have quickly become the go-to solution when the season of coughs, sniffles, and sneezes arrives. From syrups and lozenges to gummies, elderberries are an effective natural immune booster and great way to ward off symptoms from flare-up.

Recent randomized controlled trial findings demonstrate that air travelers taking elderberry extract prior to and during flight had significantly fewer episodes and shorter duration of colds than those who didn’t take any supplementation.

1. Elderberry Juice

Elderberry juice may help strengthen an already compromised immune system or those prone to colds and flu by providing it with powerful antioxidants that support your natural defenses against free radical damage and inflammation, helping strengthen it further while improving overall health.

Elderberry can not only treat colds but can also assist with treating other conditions. Its anti-inflammatory properties may help alleviate arthritis pain and swelling while its antibacterial properties may aid against sinusitis or bronchitis infections. Furthermore, this fruit’s antiviral properties provide additional protection from influenza viruses.

This dietary supplement is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals to support a strong immune system. Gluten-free and non-GMO, this product can even be taken by those with sensitive stomachs safely. Plus, its convenient bottle makes taking it anywhere easy!

As well as its immune-enhancing benefits, this product features a deliciously unique flavor that makes drinking it enjoyable. This makes it an excellent addition to anyone looking for a change or simply seeking another means to increase elderberry intake.

Elderberry syrup has long been considered an effective remedy against colds and flu. Recent research suggests it may shorten duration while lessening severity; however, more research must be conducted in this area before definitive benefits can be confirmed.

One study reported that people taking elderberry syrup while experiencing influenza-like symptoms experienced fewer sick days and had fewer severe symptoms compared to a control group. Unfortunately, this research was done prior to oseltamivir (Zarbidex), an antiviral drug which reduces both severity and duration of influenza symptoms, so its findings must be viewed with caution; nonetheless it’s worth trying elderberry syrup out to see how it affects your symptoms.

2. Elderberry Tea

As cold and flu season starts in earnest, elderberry syrup becomes increasingly prevalent on drugstore shelves as an antidote for colds and flu. Elderberries, also known by their botanical name Sambucus nigra, have long been used medicinally – increasingly used as natural treatments against common colds, flu, upper respiratory ailments etc. But can elderberry really deliver on its promises?

This immune-enhancing superfruit is packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients. Studies indicate it may help alleviate oxidative stress – an undesirable condition induced by too many free radicals circulating throughout the body that damage over time. Free radicals are produced naturally during cell metabolism but too many may contribute to premature aging as well as chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Antioxidants, on the other hand, can prevent free radical damage by neutralizing them before any damage can be done to cells or tissue.

Recent research found that taking elderberry extract lozenges significantly shortened the duration and severity of cold, influenza and respiratory infection symptoms when taken orally in lozenge form. Participants who used elderberries experienced significantly fewer side effects such as sore throat and nasal congestion – results which researchers note as promising; yet more investigation needs to be conducted on whether elderberries actually prevent symptoms rather than simply shorten their duration and severity.

Elderberry can help relieve colds and the flu when taken at the first sign of illness, either in tea form, syrups or drops – or added directly into juices or smoothies! Just make sure your product does not contain added sugars.

UCHEWS elderberry gummies provide a quick and convenient immune-boosting supplement. Packed with aronia berries, sage leaf extract and guava fruit as immune-enhancing ingredients – certified organic, gluten-free vegan and non-GMO! Note that they do carry a slightly higher price tag than similar options on the market; additionally they should not be taken by those allergic to berries as well as those pregnant or breastfeeding.

3. Elderberry Extract

Elderberry syrups and supplements have become a trendy treatment choice, from soothing your child’s sniffles to staving off flu season. We spoke with Kelly Erdos, a clinical pharmacist from Banner Baywood Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona about whether she thought elderberries worked.

Elderberry is an antiviral and antioxidant plant, making it a natural way to strengthen one’s immune system. According to Erdos, antioxidants protect against free radicals which may damage cells. Sources for free radicals could include tobacco smoke, pollution, allergens and other sources found in our environment.

Lab research showed that elderberry extract killed influenza A virus and inhibited the growth of Streptococcus bacteria; however, more human research needs to be completed before these results can be confirmed.

Elderberry plants contain anthocyanins, flavonoids, phenolic acids, and rutin, making it a traditional medicine used across various cultures to fight infections, soothe skin conditions, clear allergies and boost immunity. One recent study has demonstrated how anthocyanins found in elderberries could potentially prevent coronavirus infections by blocking viral entry into cells.

However, eating raw elderberries or any part of the Sambucus nigra tree–such as its branches, twigs, leaves or seeds–can be dangerous due to toxic substances known as cyanogens that contain toxicamines that may cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain; in addition, these berries may trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.

If you’re taking an elderberry dietary supplement, make sure it contains only standardized extracts instead of raw berries or flowers, which could contain dangerous pathogens that have not been sterilized and cooked properly before consumption. When purchasing syrup or tea with elderberries as its active ingredient, choose one with minimal added sugars to protect your health.

Elderberry supplements come in many different forms, from syrups and lozenges to dried fruits and powders, capsules, and capsules. Some elderberry supplements are designed specifically for children while others target adults more directly; some supplements even claim they reduce cold and flu symptoms during pregnancy; however it’s wise to consult your healthcare provider first if taking elderberries during gestation.

4. Elderberry Gummies

Elderberry is an ancient natural remedy often relied upon to reduce the duration of cold and flu symptoms, and now an increasingly popular natural solution for combatting them. You can now find elderberry syrups, tablets, tea bags and even gummies which claim to help with combating influenza or the common cold – although their efficacy remains debated due to limited scientific evidence behind such products; many find them helpful when fighting upper respiratory infections.

Elderberry gummies are easy to take and delicious tasting supplements, perfect for daily use. When looking for high-quality supplements it is essential that they contain no added sugar, contain the required dosage of elderberry extract, have been subjected to third-party testing, have organic ingredients or are gelatin free for those who require special dietary considerations.

UCHEWS Gummies offer an ideal way to supplement elderberry for effective immune support, featuring black elderberry extract along with aronia berry, guava fruit, and rosemary leaf – plus they’re non-GMO and gluten-free; their high price point could deter potential buyers though.

Sambucol Black Elderberry Advanced Immune Gummies may also be worth your consideration, with over 3400mg of premium Haschberg black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) per max serving, plus vitamin C and zinc – and are gelatin-free, made with organic cane sugar and tapioca syrup; in addition, these vegan treats are kosher certified and free from artificial flavors and colors!

Nutricost Elderberry Capsules provide another great option for experiencing the benefits of elderberry in capsule form, without taking multiple pills per day. Each serving contains 575mg of black elderberry extract. Plus, this vegetarian product is free from GMOs and gluten; finally third-party testing has verified it as safe.

While no definitive answer exists for what the ideal elderberry supplement should be when treating a cold, most experts agree it’s preferable to opt for natural products instead of over-the-counter medication. One such product from Viva Naturals contains elderberries along with vitamins C & D3 plus zinc for an immune boost.


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