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What’s the Best Form of Elderberry?

Michael Gonzales
December 6, 2023
What's the Best Form of Elderberry

whats the best form of elderberry

Elderberries can be enjoyed both fresh and cooked, from tarts and pies to crisps, mixed with fruit or honey for desserts.

Elderberry syrup is often taken by the teaspoon as medicine to treat chest colds, coughs and sinus discomfort. Additionally, it’s delicious drizzled onto pancakes, yogurt or granola as a topping!

Elderberry Essentials

Elderberries can provide numerous health benefits that can aid in treating colds and flu. Elderberries contain antioxidants that reduce inflammation while supporting healthy aging by slowing oxidative damage to cells.

Elderberries can be easily grown in gardens and yards, but selecting a species or cultivar suitable to your climate is crucial. Sambucus nigra (European black elder) and Sambucus canadensis (American red elder), both hardy in USDA zones 3-9, are good choices. When choosing cultivars with attractive foliage and prolific fruit production – or both! – look for cultivars that produce high levels of anthocyanins.

Elderberry supplements that offer maximum effectiveness often utilize standardized extracts of its berries, flowers and leaves to ensure a consistent dose and less chance of toxic or chemical-containing ingredients than eating raw berries directly. Furthermore, elderberry supplements are usually more cost-effective than purchasing fresh berries or cultivating your own bushes.

Health food stores and online retailers sell these standardized supplements, available as capsules, syrup or gummies. If you plan to plant your own bushes yourself, hybrid varieties with improved disease resistance should be preferred.

Elders require less maintenance than most fruit bushes, making them an attractive addition to any garden. Drought-resistant and pollinator friendly, elders make a beautiful statement in any landscape. If growing elders for medicinal use, be sure to select varieties with high concentrations of anthocyanins to produce edible berries with high anthocyanin concentrations; although these berries are edible they must first be cooked to remove trace amounts of cyanogenic glycosides that could breakdown into harmful levels of cyanide which could harm either children or animals if made remedies specifically targeted toward these groups of organisms.


Sambucus nigra (or black elder) plants have long been used as herbal medicine, as their dark-purple berries contain compounds known as anthocyanosides that have proven their immune-enhancing and antimicrobial properties in laboratory tests, along with having anti-inflammatory benefits, according to recent studies.

Elderberry supplements could be an effective way to both prevent and treat flu and colds, according to one study. People who took an elderberry extract capsule for 10 days during a trip to warm climates experienced less flu-like symptoms compared to those who didn’t, perhaps due to its potency as an antioxidant that protects cells against damage caused by travel stress, according to Dr. Stacy Mobley, naturopathic doctor and wellness counselor.

It is essential that when it comes to taking any dietary supplement, a quality product should be chosen. Aim for something made by a reputable brand or pharmacy using standardized extracts which have been independently third-party tested for purity and potency – and check the label as some products may contain ingredients like zinc which could interact with certain medications.

To maximize the effectiveness of elderberry supplements, opt for a product made with organic fresh-pressed elderberries (not dried). When choosing an elderberry product that’s also free from preservatives and added sugars. Comparable products include gummies, capsules or lozenges; however, syrups tend to be more easily absorbed by your body than their counterparts – take them at the first sign of cold or flu symptoms and take for five days or until symptoms subside – this could shorten duration as well as preventative measures against future illnesses!


Elderberry supplements have recently seen tremendous popularity, given their antiviral and antioxidant benefits. But there’s less clarity regarding its actual mechanism of action and which form might work best: syrup, capsules or gummies?

Gummies are an increasingly popular supplement among kids, and for good reason: They’re easy to digest, delicious fruity flavors children adore and don’t contain excessive sugar or artificial sweeteners. Before making your purchase, be sure to read labels closely; some contain too much added sugars or artificial sweeteners; look for natural, low-sugar versions like New Chapter Kids’ Organic Black Elderberry Gummies which feature honey flavor without corn syrup or artificial sweeteners – these may provide greater results!

Nature BioScience offers Elderberry Immune Support Gummies as another option, free from added sugar and animal gelatin for vegan-friendliness. Plus, each serving provides between 650-1.500 milligrams of elderberry extract per serving!

When selecting a gummy, it’s also essential to read its label for additional ingredients, including those like vitamin C and zinc that can further boost immunity. Also ensure the brand in question boasts high-quality standards and an excellent reputation.

Elderberry research is still evolving, yet studies have demonstrated its potential to reduce flu symptoms and antibody levels in humans by shortening duration and decreasing coronavirus antibody counts. Elderberry may also help alleviate common cold symptoms as well as protect against arthritis and asthma inflammatory conditions; it should always be discussed with your healthcare provider before adding supplements to your diet if you are living with an autoimmune disease or have undergone organ transplant.


Elderberry tea is one of the best ways to experience its benefits, with immune-enhancing and sore throat soothing qualities, plus relief from cold and flu symptoms. Plus, sipping on it every morning kickstarts metabolism!

Make the best elderberry tea possible using dried Sambucus nigra berries (Sambucus nigra) along with immune-supportive herbs like ginger (Zingiber officinale), black pepper (Piper nigrum) and rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus). Doing this ensures you get maximum antioxidant benefit.

Premade elderberry tea can be purchased from health food stores or online. Brewing your own tea, however, can be more enjoyable because you know exactly what’s in it! Additionally, choosing an organic brand without added sugar could also be an option!

Reputable companies like Gaia only use natural ingredients such as organic sugarcane, water, black elderberry juice concentrate and acerola fruit extract – with their website even providing you with information on where those elderberries come from!

Brewing herbal tea requires time and effort, but the end results make it worth your while! If you want an easier option, look for premade elderberry teas made from dried berries instead of fresh ones; that will speed up the brewing process while providing all of its nutritional benefits.


This syrup-like supplement offers year-round immune support. Crafted with organic black elderberry and featuring additional immune-enhancing herbs such as echinacea, rosemary and acerola cherry; its ingredient list boasts minimal artificial sweeteners, preservatives or gluten.

Vitamin D3 comes in a standard bottle size and should be taken daily by both adults and children over four years of age in doses equivalent to one quarter teaspoon, though too much vitamin can be harmful. Consult your pediatrician as too much Vitamin D can be detrimental.

This syrup is designed by a registered dietician and made exclusively of natural ingredients, making it suitable for those living with diabetes. With a juice-like consistency and providing 457mg of elderberry per serving, RD Naturals even offers a money-back guarantee!

Sambucol was created in 1991 by a virologist, and its product has since been featured in various scientific studies. It’s known for reducing cold and flu symptoms while increasing natural resistance – all without allergens like gluten, dairy, soy nuts or wheat! Plus it boasts an intense flavor!

This product may be more costly than its counterparts on this list, but its potency and quality make up for any additional price. Made with a concentrated formula containing immune-enhancing herbs like vitamin C, echinacea, and zinc – not to mention being vegan-friendly with no additional sugar, preservatives or colorants added – its quality comes backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


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