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Which Elderberry is Best For Colds and Flu?

Michael Gonzales
December 6, 2023
Which Elderberry is Best For Colds and Flu

which elderberry is best for colds

Studies have demonstrated that elderberry extract can alleviate symptoms associated with colds and flu, though it does not prevent infections. Elderberry may also help relieve fatigue while strengthening immunity.

One clinical trial showed that 60 people who took 15ml of elderberry syrup saw their flu symptoms ease four days faster than those taking a placebo; however, more research needs to be conducted in this area.


With cold and flu season now well under way, coughs, sniffles, and sneezes have taken hold – and drugstore shelves are well stocked with everything from syrups and gummies to immunity juice shots. One natural treatment that has generated considerable buzz recently is elderberry (Sambucus nigra). Elderberries have long been used as an effective defense against infections while bolstering immunity.

Numerous studies demonstrate the efficacy of using standardized elderberry extract, such as Sambucol, to lessen cold and flu symptoms when taken within 24 hours of their onset. But because Sambucol contains other herbs and vitamin C as well, its exact impact is unknown. One small study concluded that taking lozenges containing elderberry (like those available under brand names such as ViraBLOC) at the first sign of symptoms can significantly decrease severity while shortening duration for flu and colds.

Researchers don’t yet fully understand how elderberry helps combat cold and flu symptoms, but they believe the herb acts as an antiviral. A lab experiment found that elderberry inhibited influenza virus’ ability to attach itself to cells – potentially stopping its spread while relieving symptoms. Another way it could aid is reducing congestion while encouraging you to sweat more, making breathing easier overall.

Elderberry can be found in liquid, syrup, tincture and capsule forms as well as lozenges or lozenge spray. When selecting elderberry products to buy, look for those that contain less added sugar as too much can compromise your body’s immune response.

As well as taking elderberry supplements, other ways you can combat colds or flus include getting plenty of rest and drinking plenty of fluids, eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains to strengthen your immune system, and getting an annual flu shot.


Elderberry has gained popularity as an all-natural remedy for colds, flu and even coronavirus infection in recent years. These berries from Sambucus nigra family plants contain anthocyanins which may reduce symptoms and shorten duration of illnesses while providing Vitamin C benefits and immune-enhancing properties.

Elderberry syrup has long been used to ease the symptoms of upper respiratory infections. According to one study, those taking elderberry extract for 10 days before and five days after travel experienced shorter cold episodes and less severe symptoms than those given a placebo; researchers believe that flavonoids present in elderberries bind with viruses to stop replication.

Elderberry supplements have become more widely available both in stores and online, but if you want the best results from using elderberries supplements, look for products with organic black elderberry juice concentrate and extract, with no additional sugar added. It should also contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives which could inhibit its immune-enhancing effects.

Elderberry syrup is often best taken in this form, while capsules or gummies may be easier for some individuals to digest. You can also purchase dried berries and flowers and create your own syrup at home – some report more noticeable results when treating their symptoms with homemade remedies like syrup or tea!

Prior to taking elderberry supplements, it is wise to speak to your physician first, particularly if you suffer from specific health conditions like lupus or multiple sclerosis. Also avoid elderberries during pregnancy or breastfeeding for safety.

Garden of Life has an excellent organic elderberry syrup that tastes fantastic: try theirs. With low sugar levels and only small amounts of organic cane sugar to sweeten, its taste will leave a positive impression. Made with all-natural ingredients such as black elderberry juice concentrate and acerola extract – no artificial sweeteners or preservatives used here either – no artificial sweeteners or preservatives added whatsoever, and non-GMO strain organic elderberry that’s grown locally on their website;

Side Effects

As cold and flu season approaches, many are concerned about viruses that could strike suddenly. Luckily, natural remedies such as elderberry syrup may provide effective protection from colds and flu outbreaks, including polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins as well as lab research showing it can stifle bacteria which cause sinusitis or pneumonia.

One recent trial has demonstrated the efficacy of taking elderberry before and during air travel as an effective means of shortening cold symptoms upon arriving overseas. Participants received daily doses of elderberry extract beginning 10 days prior to travel through four to five days post flight – these results corroborate two prior trials that found elderberry can reduce cold and flu symptoms associated with long-haul flights.

Vitamin C and echinacea supplements have also been shown to shorten the duration of colds; however, these should never replace medical care or vaccination against flu.

Elderberry may help fight influenza by binding to and binding to the virus that infiltrates our bodies, preventing access to healthy cells. Furthermore, compounds present in elderberries prevent viruses from releasing their neuraminidase enzymes needed for invasion and spread among healthy cells.

Elderberry syrup has another advantage; it may help soothe coughs. A study with 60 influenza-like patients who took elderberry syrup had their symptoms resolved four days faster than those in the placebo group.

If you’re curious to give elderberry a try for treating cold or flu symptoms, there are numerous products available both online and at local health stores. Syrups are especially popular but other varieties such as lozenges contain this supplement too. You could even make your own homemade elderberry syrup but that will require more work as it requires simmering berries with other healing herbs for up to an hour and a half before straining to create the final syrup product.


Elderberry may be an effective treatment for colds and flus, but it isn’t yet a miracle cure. There isn’t enough scientific evidence supporting claims that it treats high cholesterol or reduces pain; however, studies show it may reduce duration and severity associated with upper respiratory infections.

Elderberry syrup should be taken at the first sign of cold or flu to help ward off full-blown infection and lessen symptoms such as sore throat, nasal congestion, sneezing, and runny nose. When taken early enough it may even alleviate them temporarily!

Elderberry products come in many forms besides syrup; you’ll find it available as gummies, lozenges, pills and teas. Dr. Mobley recommends choosing an elderberry supplement made with raw elderberries since this kind is more readily absorbed into your system while most other supplements typically contain sugar added during processing and thus make them less effective.

Recent research has yielded some promising results regarding using an elderberry extract to prevent colds. Studies have demonstrated its ability to shorten and lessen severity by slowing viral replication rates, as well as reduce mucous production in individuals.

Elderberry supplements may help ease symptoms associated with travel-related upper respiratory infections. A small study discovered that taking elderberry syrup 10 days before and up to five days post travel overseas could shorten flu-like illnesses by up to five days, as well as prevent gingivitis among travelers.

Recent research suggests elderberry may be beneficial in relieving symptoms associated with flu, yet you should always consult a healthcare practitioner prior to trying any herbal remedy. They will be able to evaluate your individual medical history and help determine whether elderberry is appropriate for you.


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